An open letter to any man struggling with erections...

Are You Man Enough
To Read This?

“Look, your penis is gonna DIE.

“If we wait much longer, I’ll be forced to amputate it.

That’s what the ER doctor said to me that night as I sat there on the ER table, pants around my ankles, nurses giggling, and with a purple hard-on that pointed to the sky.

This was, without question, THE most humiliating part of my life. And it’s a story I rarely share.

But today, as mortifying and as it is, I feel you have to hear it.

Because if you, or anyone you know, is suffering with any erection problems, you’ll want to hear every word. As this is the unusual story of how I discovered the answer to:

...naturally eliminating any form of erectile dysfunction...

...getting hard and staying hard when you want... you lasting power that leaves women awestruck.

Because contrary to what
people have told you, it’s NOT
age... it’s NOT “low testosterone”...
it’s NOT diabetes...
it’s NOT any medication
you’re on...

and it’s NOT just a
problem with your circulation...
that’s causing your problem.

And after you listen to what I say, you’ll discover what the TRUE cause of ED is, and turn it around and be able dive right in to the sack and do it over and over again as many times you want.

And all without any drugs, devices, or nasty side-effects.

What I’m About To Share Can’t
Be Found Anywhere Else.
I Know. I’ve Looked...

I’m Brad Stevens.

And before you watch this entire presentation and listen to everything I need to share...before you believe what I tell’ll want to take note of TRUE reason why every supposed “solution” out there to weak, or short-lived, or non-existent erections is doomed to fail.

Those who stay till the very end are the only ones who’ll have the ONLY answer to getting hard on demand. And it lies in only one thing... unraveling and eliminating the 2 Erection Killers that I’ll be telling you about in just a moment.

So how did sitting in the ER that night help me find the holy grail of male virility?

It All Started A Few Years
Ago On Valentine’s day...

My wife and I had planned a romantic evening and we had a special reason to celebrate. I had finally gotten a promotion that I’ve worked for years to get.

Dinner was great. And the tension was building up all night and all the way into the bedroom. But after we got undressed and the “moment” came.



The harder I tried to get it up,
the worse it got. My wife,
Angela... bless her heart...
she was so supportive
and kind about it.

She knew what a blow to my ego this was. And she did everything she could to let me know it was alright.

But it really got to me.

But I mean, over the last few years, I noticed I’d lost my drive and wasn’t in the mood as much as I used to be. And when Angie and I did have sex, I noticed it was taking longer to get it up. Or sometimes, I just wouldn’t be as hard I normally was.

And recently, I was having more and more episodes of not being able to get hard at all.

But I didn’t really think much about it. I just thought “Ah, it’s just stress” or “It’s some strange phase”.

But now, after a few months, with NO erections. Something about tonight made me surrender to the simple fact and said... “Brad, you have a problem. And it’s not going away on its own.” I told myself.

Yet part of me was still not ready to say those two words...“erectile dysfunction”

I remember a time I used to say to myself, I can’t imagine having that. That’ll never happen to me. I mean, that was something “those other guys” got.

But reality sunk in... I was one of “those other guys” now.

Did I Go Out And Frantically
Try To Find A Solution?

No. It was still hard to face it. Like a part of me still couldn’t really accept it.

Yeah, sure on the outside, I was full of life... active... had it all together... but the more time passed, the more I felt like I was hiding something.

The worst part: I saw how it was affecting my wife, Angie.

As much as I didn’t want to fully accept my ED, I wasn’t blind to my wife’s changes. I could see it was affecting her too.

Those nights where we’d give it a shot all ended up in failure. And sometimes I’d get hard and think, “oh yeah, see? it was just a phase.” But just a few minutes into it, I’d go flaccid again. I’ll tell you, there aren’t many things more frustrating than wanting to have sex, and NOT being able to. And even worse, getting into the swing of things and poof! All gone.

And each time, she’s just kind of patted me on the back and said, “It’s alright honey, it happens sometimes.” But I could see her frustration too.

I Felt Like I Was Letting Her Down.
Like She Was Settling For Less.
And I Was The Cause...

But that changed one weekend when we were having one of our family barbecues. I went in the kitchen to grab more dogs for the grill, and saw Angie’s sister, Janice. We said “Hi”, and did our little chit-chat. Then as I was walking out, she grabbed me by the arm and said, “Brad. We need to talk.”

Maybe it was the way she looked at me, but I knew exactly what she was talking about. My shoulders fell, and I dropped the dogs on the counter.

“She’s told me all about it brad. Look, you gotta talk to her.

“If You Don’t Do Something About It...
She’s Going To Leave You.”

Oh man, I thought. She was right. How long was I just going to brush this under the rug?

That night Angie and I talked about it for the first time. She told me how she felt and I had to just swallow it and take it all in.

What really cut was when she said, “Brad I feel so guilty, but when a man pays attention to me, I can’t help but feel attracted to him. I mean, you’re not even trying. You act like you don’t even have a problem.”

That was it.

The next morning, I made an appointment to see a urologist.

He asked me a bunch of questions: do I have diabetes? No. Do I smoke? Nope. How much exercise do I do? A lot. What do I usually eat? I eat healthy.

Then he gave me an “inspection” to see if there was anything physically wrong.

After looking over my blood tests, he peered over his thick glasses and scratched his head and muttered, “Brad, you’re as healthy as a horse. You should be running marathons”

Then he just shrugged and said, “Um, I think you should try Viagra.”

Then he said, “Now it’s pretty expensive. It’s $35 a pill. So I’ll give you some samples with different doses to see which works with you.”

$35 a pill! Jeezus. More like a $35 “erection extortion fee”.

But hey, I was at the end of my rope. I thought to myself, “Brad, you need to solve this. It’s not just your marriage. It’s not just about sex. It’s about being a man again. You want to feel alive again. You need to do whatever it takes to get your erections back again”

Then the doctor looked me sternly in the eye and huffed, “Now, if you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, you need to call me, or go to an ER.”

I was like, “Uh, ok? I think a 4-hour erection would be great. What could be wrong with that? But, yeah sure.”

Later on, after dinner with Angie, I said, “Okay, Bottoms up!” We weren’t sure what to expect. But about 20 minutes later, BINGO! We got lift off.

After a year of not having sex, it was glorious.

Little Did I Know The Nightmare
That Was About To Follow...

And when we were done, I was still hard. Fantastic! This little blue pill REALLY works! Maybe the $35 extortion fee per pill actually was worth it after all.

We had sex 2 more times. But on the second time, I started to feel a little light headed and my head started to hurt. And about an hour later I noticed I was still hard. And light-headed. And my skin was flush. And my heart was racing. And not because of the bedroom gymnastics I just performed.

No.This was different.

And my penis was starting to hurt.

Then I remembered, what the doctor said...

“If you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, you need to call me or go to an ER”

I called the doctor even though it was after midnight.

Voice mail. Damn.


Do I really have to go to an ER?

I woke Angie, and she said I didn’t look too good. I was sweating and now I was in pain. Angie said we gotta go to the ER.


There I was sitting at on the ER table, at full mast, trying to forget the face the young girl at check-in gave me when I told her what I was there for.

The doctor walks in, and of course, as my luck would have it, she’s this stunning super-model looking redhead. (What happened to the old doc?!?!)

To make matters worse she comes in with two nurses. Female nurses. Who looked barely out of college!

If There Was A Hole Small Enough...
And Dark Enough... On Planet Earth...
I Wanted To Find It And Crawl Into It...

Then I start to wince as “Dr. Supermodel” proceeds to twist my “guy” back and forth like she was shifting gears on a tractor to see what the problem was.

She sighed and flatly said, “You’ve got a ‘priapism.’ It’s a side-effect of Viagra. We see it a lot.

“The good news is that you got here in time to do something about it.

“The bad news is, there’s only one way to treat it and we have to treat it now.

I’m going to have to drain blood from your penis.”

And as she said that, she pulled an 18-gauge syringe from her pocket.

The blood drained from my face.

I think it drained from every other part of my body too.

Except my dick.

There the doctor was, nurses behind her trying hard, (and failing miserably) to hide their giggles, telling me this with a straight face. As if this could not be any more humiliating.

I asked if there was anything else we could do?

“Well, here’s the deal, Brad... Your penis is gonna DIE. If we wait much longer, I will be forced to amputate it. You don’t want that do you?

“If we don’t drain the blood from it. It will suffocate and
literally DIE. And...

“...We’ll Have To
Amputate Your Penis

She told me that when this happens, blood is not circulating in my penis. It’s just stuck there. And it’s not getting oxygen. So if I don’t do something about it RIGHT NOW, the cells will die and my penis will have to be amputated.

She then proceeded to stick this 18-gauge syringe in my penis and you know what? She didn’t even need to draw the blood out. Blood just started gushing into the syringe tube. When it filled up, she did it again. And then again!

And the PAIN.

Oh God it was painful.

“OK” she said, looking proudly. Like she just finished icing a cake... “Looks like we drained 2 pints out of there. Guess you’re gonna keep it after all.”

The next day, my dick looked like it had been through a UFC fight and forgot to tap-out.

And the worst part: I still had my ED.

The next few weeks after I recovered from the “Blue Pill Baptism of Fire”, Angie and I said to hell with medical pills.

We wanted a second opinion.

And like any mature, well-informed grown up, we chose consult Dr. Google.

For months, we went through the parade of all the “cures” out there.

Herbal pills... devices... exercises... and yes even injections...

I read something about testosterone and how it was one of the main causes of ED. But after visiting a specialist, we found out my T-levels were totally normal!

We Were Right Back
Where We Started...

My penis was now completely unresponsive to any stimulation. And it sucked.

I felt completely emasculated.

I knew there were men older... more out of shape... and with no problems in this department.

I was cursed.

But every time I saw my wife, I remembered what she said, way back when we had our first talk, “I’m getting attracted to other men” and I remember her sister telling me Angie was considering having an affair. I could not give up.

I mean, even if Angie left me, what woman would want to be with a man who can’t have sex?

My confidence was hugging the bottom of the barrel.

It wasn’t until I set aside all the crazy... risky... and quack-ey gimmicks out there that seemed to be just out to get my money...

...and started to study the actual science of erections. Like actual scientific research. What a concept, huh?

What I found was astounding.

The Different Types Of
Erectile Dysfunction... 

There are actually different ways ED shows up:

There’re men who can’t keep their erection. Which means they CAN get it up, but it doesn’t stay hard and they can’t complete sexual intercourse...

Then there’re men who cannot get hard enough to have sex...

There are those who find it takes a very long time to get hard...

and there are those who can’t get hard at all.

Now before you start wondering what’s causing your particular form of ED, here’s what’s most important: ED shows up differently for different men. And there’s more than one cause for each type of ED.

Now, get this: if your solution addresses ONLY one of those causes, not only will it fail to work, it can make things much worse.

Just like me, most men who have some form of ED eventually experience each type of ED until they cannot get hard anymore.

And only those who absorb what I’m about to tell you will see that if you don’t address the TRUE root causes of ED, you could lose the ability to get one at all.

So now, let’s get into what causes each of these symptoms. I call them “Erection Killers”

The “Double-Barreled”
Erection Killer

There are actually TWO causes of ED. Not one. Every single solution out there only deals with ONE and that’s why results are usually so hit and miss.

Once you learn how to fix the TWO causes of ED at the same time... THEN you can have the assurance that you can get hard when you need to, stay hard as long as you need, time and time again.

So what are these two causes?

Erection Killer #1:
The First Half Of The Story

The first cause of ED is: NOT enough blood going into your penis.

Once you get aroused, your brain sends a signal to relax the blood vessels in your penis. This causes blood to flood in and that’s what makes you hard.

But if those vessels don’t relax, then I’m sure you can imagine, blood either does not go within, or not enough blood will go within, right?

This is what happens when you can’t get an erection to begin with, or when you can’t get hard enough to have sex.

If you experiencing no erections... an abnormally long time to get an erection... or a partial erection (that isn’t as hard as it used to be)...

...this is YOUR Erection Killer.

So What Stops Your Vessels From Relaxing When They Need To?

It comes down to one chemical called Nitric Oxide, that your muscle tissue produces.

Remember that signal that comes from your brain when you’re aroused? When your muscles get that signal, they release this Nitric Oxide.

If you are not producing enough of this chemical, your vessels won’t relax and open up. Then blood has a hard time filling up your penis.

Yet, like I said, that’s just the 1st part of the equation.

Erection Killer #2
The Other Half Of The Story

The other Erection Killer has NOTHING to do with vessels relaxing and opening up. In fact, your blood vessels may relax just fine.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that blood is rushing out more than it’s rushing in!

Think of it like a long balloon. In the first Erection Killer, not enough air is going into the balloon. With this second Erection Killer, air is escaping the balloon.

You see, the way you are designed, is to have blood rush in when you’re aroused AND to stay in there until you’re not aroused anymore.

Just like your muscles produce Nitric Oxide to cause your vessels to relax, and therefore allow blood to rush in and get you hard...

...your body ALSO produces another chemical that forces blood to leave your penis. This chemical is called phosphodiesterase type 5. (Or PDE5 for short)

Now, PDE5 is meant to be released only after you’re finished having sex when you no longer feel aroused.

But for many, it’s released all the time, or released too soon, or released at random times.

If you experiencing erections but you get soft too soon... even right before you go inside... or even while you’re inside...

...THIS is your Erection Killer.

In this case, it obviously won’t matter how much blood vessels relax. No matter how much blood will travel inside, it’ll rush back out anyway.

Why Other E.D. Solutions
Don’t Work

The reason every other solution out there either doesn’t work, is because it deals with only ONE Erection Killer.

Pills like Viagra and Cialis are a class of drugs called “PDE Inhibitors”. Remember that chemical I told you about? PDE5? The one that pushes blood out of the penis? Well, a PDE-inhibitor is a drug that stops your PDE chemicals from killing your erections.

But that’s also why a side effect
is that painful and DANGEROUS
priapism. Blood can’t escape!

Testosterone therapy is not
a solution either.

Most men who have ED, in fact,
have adequate testosterone!
testosterone therapy has been
shown to increase the risk of stroke!1

Pumps work only because they expand the vessels. But they won’t stop blood from leaving. And they are cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. And the same applies to every other gadget.

Herbal Pills work just like Viagra. They increase blood flow in... but they don’t stop blood from leaving.

And if you’re like the men that I’ve come to know who suffer with this, you already know, besides being painfully expensive, they just don’t work.

The ONLY Solution...

The only solution is to

1) allow your body to naturally relax its blood vessels when you’re aroused, AND

2) to keep your blood from leaving too soon. And do it naturally, without dangerous or harmful side-effects.

When you can allow your body to do those two things naturally, you can be hard on command.

Now, that I had the “bulls eye” to hone in on, I started looking for every natural way to eliminate BOTH of these Erection Killers.

It wasn’t easy.

I’m no health guru. And frankly, all the health “goo-roo’s” out there seemed to be an expert in only one thing – taking my damn money!

So I wondered,

Is There A Supplement... A Type Of Food... Or Some Way Of Changing My Lifestyle That Eliminated BOTH Erection Killers?

One That’s Easy To Find?  One That’s Inexpensive? And That Doesn’t
Have Any Side Effects?

Turns out, the answer to all those questions is...


After you discover where to look... how much and when to take... and most importantly, what combo to take them in...

...your bedroom problems will be over.

It took over a year of looking, being willing to try different things out, thinking “I’m not even sure this will work.”

There were days where I practically screamed “I have it! I have the answer to erection problems!”

Then the ED would come back. Yet, those small results told me I was on the right track.

So I started journaling what I did and I marked the consecutive days I was able to have NO ERECTION PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER.

The “Magic Moment”...

The “magic moment” came when one night I was lying in bed with Angie, and we both looked at each other and had the same thought. It’s been a month straight with NO ED.

30 days straight with no ED.

Did I have the solution now? Could I allow myself to believe this is real now? That it is really happening? Is the war finally over?

Ever since stumbling on to a certain formula, everything seemed to change. I was consistently getting hard on demand many times a day. Even right after sex.

Things just seemed to be... well... like I was normal again. Like it used to be.

When it came to sex, Angie and I were like newlyweds again. No. Scratch that. We were like teenagers again. Our nights in bed would make Cirque du Soleil green with envy.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting...

One night at dinner, Angie, outta the blue, just asked me this question, “Honey, would you be willing to share your ‘formula’ with others?”

“Maaaaybe... I don’t know. Why?” I asked.

Little did I know, my wife, was telling her friends about our little “issues”. And it turns out,

...Her Friends Were Going
Through The Same Thing...

And they’d been plying her for the scoop on how we turned it around.

Man, since searching through so many online forums, chat groups, I knew there is an ocean of men out there, both young and old, that needed this help. But at this moment, it really hit home.

I told her, “To be honest, hon, I don’t know whether I want to help other guys. Not that I don’t want to help them. I just didn’t want to get all cuddly with other guys talking about their ‘you-know-whats’.”

She said, “Why don’t you just write it down. And I’ll give it to them?”


Not a bad idea. The thought of letting another man suffer what I went through... what my wife went through... what our marriage went through just wasn’t acceptable.

So I did it.

At first, it was a simple word doc.

I said, “Here you go hon, let them try it out. There’s no harm in trying it after all.”

Then about a week later, Angie calls me over to the computer and pointed at the screen. “Take a look at this email!”

“Brad, thank you so much. You saved my sex life”

Then another longer email from someone else...

“Hey Brad you don’t know me. Your wife gave your formula to my wife. I could rarely get hard enough to have sex. And it was getting worse. More and more times, I couldn’t even get an erection. Problem solved. ALL SOLVED. I’m now harder and last longer than before! Thank you. I mean it. Thank you.

A Week Later, Things
Got Really Strange...

My little “Word doc” started spreading. A few weeks later, my wife showed me this email...

“Brad, I got your manual from a friend of mine. He passed it on to me in the locker room in my gym. Hey, I wanted to reach out and thank you. I’m practically hard on demand now.

When I showed this email to Angie, she sat down, read it... paused... and then looked up at me and said, “Hard On Demand! What a great name for a book! Brad, you need to create a website and sell this. There are so many men like you need this and want to buy it.”

She could tell I wasn’t into it and she looked at me with “that look” and said...

“Brad, I talk to the wives of these men. If men who are suffering like you don’t get help, their wives will leave them.

“And if their wives don’t leave them, they’re likely to have an affair. And if not that, each of them will have a part of themselves live in quiet desperation. Why would you let this happen?

“And if these men aren’t married, or in a relationship now, what do you think their chances are they ever will as long as they have this problem?

“If you don’t help men with this as soon as possible... you are basically deciding that they live in quiet desperation like we did”

Hard to argue with that.

And besides, concocting these natural home remedies has become a bit of a hobby of mine now. And I’ve improved things a ton.

I’ve found studies2 showing how 3 specific amino acids in an exact, easy-to-measure ratio, and only after they are combined together...

...was shown to reverse erectile dysfunction in a staggering 92.5 percent of men!!!

After I was able to find the exact amounts to take, and when to take them, and how to find the right kind to take. And they only cost a few cents a day.3

I found so many foods... juices... and herbs... that reverse both ERECTION KILLERS that you can transform any ol’ grocery story into a personal erection pharmacy.

The best part: It doesn’t matter where you are, there are so many options to choose from.

No Man Will Be Left Behind

I also discovered a slew of chemicals these Big Companies spew into our environment that actually force blood to stay away from the penis.

Speaking of which, remember Erection Killer #2? The chemical that forces blood to leave? Thus causing you to get soft again?

I was able to find all the ways there are to block this chemical from killing your erections. They are all natural, and they don’t have ANY side effects.

All the men who use this right away say it even boosted their sex drive, mental focus, and fat burning.

That little “Word doc” I started before, is now a full-blown bible for any man suffering with:

Any kind of erection problem...

Any kind of orgasm problem (including premature ejaculation and weak orgasms)...

And any loss of sex drive...

Since then, I’ve bungled my way through creating this amateur website, allowing folks like you who I’d never meet in person, to buy it and download this right now.

And just by word of mouth, the testimonials have been pouring in.

I’ve had the eye-opening pleasure of speaking not just with the men who sent me their testimonials...

...but their wives, fiancées, AND girlfriends who wanted to thank me personally.

Even though in the beginning, I didn’t care about talking to anyone about something so personal, now... it was a whole different story.

It’s like being in a dessert where thousands of men are dying of thirst and I have the water hose.

It was time for me to shuck my shyness...stop being so damn selfish...have courage... and to take a stand for others.

To take a stand for you.

When we started getting letters from guys so desperate they started ordering pills from Mexico, India, or God knows where...hurting themselves with untested concoctions and devices...

. . . Angie And I Decided We
Just Had To Reach More People...

To make it as easy as possible for any man to get results without taking any of those dangerous, expensive, and complicated risks.

We looked at how we could cut costs as low as possible so we could make this available in a way where anyone can afford it.

So to meet basic website expenses, and to keep it up for you to download today, you won’t have to deal with “blue pills” for $35 a pop, only to risk cancer, or getting your dick chopped off... No $2000 testosterone treatments that can backfire, and risk heart attacks... No hundreds of dollars wasted on gizmos, and gadgets that are a waste of time. And to top it off...

...NONE of these wallet-draining, soul-crushing solutions attack BOTH Erection Killers anyway.

Even at $299 it was selling like nuts. And at that price it was just enough to cover our costs and time. We aren’t making a profit on this. And that’s fine.

No. You’ll be paying a tiny risk-free amount – when you download Hard On Demand today – for only $59.95.

Why You Have Nothing To Risk
And Everything To Gain...

Now, if you end up choosing to order this before the end of this presentation, you could, of course, go on and do so when you click on the button below but there are a few things you’ll want to know:

That small $59.95 amount is what allows Angie and me to keep this website going. We don’t take any money from it. It’s totally up to you whether you want to pay and contribute to keeping this available to all men, or whether you don’t want to pay and pitch in to help keep it alive. It’s all up to you volunteering to pay.

Either way, you risk nothing. You don’t have to lose a penny and can even keep your money if you choose.

Here’s why: After you click the button below, fill in the few bits of info on the next page, so I can get you to the download page right away, you can try EVERYTHING out for 60 full days.

It’s so simple.

ALL your ED problems are a thing of the past or you get your money back.

If you don’t get full, rock hard erections like you were a teen again, where it was an automatic, natural, response to being aroused, no matter how many times a day it is...

If you don’t stay hard as long as you need or want, where you can be able to experience full satisfying orgasms...

You have a full 60 days to take advantage, take as long as you need, explore and experiment with it. And see that it is everything you hoped it would be and more.

No matter what, you can email us a 1-sentence email, asking for your money back. You’ll get it right away. No hassles. No questions asked. Nothing awkward or uncomfortable.

That’s why you risk nothing. There is truly no reason to at least try this out for yourself, now is there?.

Yet Before You Go Ahead And Join The Thousands Who’ve Made The Decision To Order This, There Are 3 Things You’ll Be Thrilled To Know. . .

I told you earlier, how I’ve found not just a few, but SEVERAL ways to improve a man’s sexual prowess?

Well, since writing the first version of – and dramatically improving – your “Hard On Demand” manual MANY TIMES over... I’ve since written my SECOND manual called “Last Forever”.

“Last Forever” is my uncensored guide that reveals how you can eliminate, once-and-for-all, premature ejaculation and last as long as you want... but only after you’ve followed the astonishing, yet simple, tricks in this guide.

You can take ridiculous ideas like “doing math in your head”... kegel exercises and whatnot... and chuck them in the trash.

You see, there’s a switch in your body that controls how long it takes for you to orgasm. If that switch is broken you ejaculate too soon. Fix it, and you’ll last as long as you need to. It’s the perfect follow-up to Hard On Demand.

Your Second
“Act Now” Bonus...

And I followed that up with my 3rd manual called “Foods For Super Sex”.

The folks who buy, read, and apply what’s in this report now see low-libido as a distant memory. “Foods For Super Sex” is all about the sneaky, tiny, and often counter-intuitive adjustments you can make with your diet to blow your libido through the roof.

No, sex drive doesn’t diminish with age. There are secret societies that are having generous sexual activity well into their 70’s. And it all comes down to the cultural diet and lifestyle practices they follow, that we’ve been denied knowledge to. Until now, that is.

Your Third
“Act Now” Bonus...

And last but not least, you’re also downloading, 100% free, my most recent guide called “Make Her Scream”. Just as it sounds, this guide is the “inside 411” on the shortest path between dull same-ol’ same-ol’ roll in the sack... your wife, girlfriend, or significant other, experiencing mind-melting, thigh quivering, 4th-of-July-stars-and-stripes-for-ever types of orgasms every night.

With this bonus, you’ll want to put the “kiddles” away... sound-proof the room... and have some smelling salts and a defibrillator standing by.

But seriously, if my book “Hard On Demand” is like a Ferrari in a world of Toyota’s, all of these bonuses, when you combine and use together with your freshly downloaded “Hard On Demand” manual, is like locking not one, but 3 space shuttle rockets onto your Ferrari ... and clicking the “Go Switch”.

Together, they naturally and effortlessly put YOU in the driver’s seat when it comes to how you perform and experience sex every day. Where you are in command again.

“Last Forever” normally sells day for $97.

“Food For Super Sex” regularly goes for $47.

“Make Her Scream", one of my most popular manuals, is downloaded everyday for $197.

These bonuses and the “Hard On Demand” manual, all total up to a value of $640 that you will NOT be paying when you order now.

Not only are you going to download Hard On Demand for less than any other solution you’d have to pay for, right now, you’ll be able to download each bonus:

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It’s a gift. A gift for who? For all the people out there who are action takers because it those “get off your butt” types who get the fastest, biggest, longest results.

I want to change lives.

I want to save marriages.

I want to restore happiness and joy and pride.

There Are Stories I’m
Expecting To Hear From You...

Stories like Mike’s, who was a young guy, and was hit with the ED curse in the early 20’s.

He was unable to have sex for 5 years. It broke his mind, his confidence, and his sexual spirit to the point, where he didn’t even bother approaching women anymore.

“Brad and Angie. Thank you so much. From your manuals and your support, I am now “NORMAL” again! I felt like I was a walking “ghost” when it came to sex and the hope of having a sex life. Now, my confidence is back. I feel like a man again. And you know what? Women respond to my confidence more than anything.”

And then there is Amir, from AZ, who first contacted us because he was skeptical. He’d tried so many different things and got nowhere.

“When I tried the stuff you taught in your ‘Last Forever’ and ‘Make Her Scream’ manual, I thought there’s no way it could work. But man does it ever. In fact, it works too good!!! It’s the perfect icing on the cake for getting my hard-ons back. Thank you so much for making this available.”

And let’s not forget Rubin from New York..

“ 12 of Hard for Life and page 17 of ‘Last Forever’ are worth TRIPLE the price of everything I paid. Why did you include them??? They change everything.

What would it be worth to you to simply try, without risking ANYTHING, to get strong, firm, full, erections again when you need them and to last as long as you need?

If, in just a few days, you could have this, what would you do differently? How would you feel differently about your days? Or about your life? Or about yourself? Or about your future?

Everyone has a different answer. But there is one common theme to all of them.

It’s about respect. The respect you feel when you live as fully as a man as possible. To live dominant in every area of your life.

Right Now, At This Moment
You Have 3 Choices.

Choice 1: Do nothing.

You can go on, live your life as you already have. Maybe things will get better. Maybe they won’t. But odds are, they will get worse. You and I both know this is true. But I respect your decision. No one can make you do something against your will.

Choice 2: Try To Fix Your E.D. On Your Own

You can take what I’ve shared with you, and you can try to fix your erectile dysfunction naturally on your own.

You’ve heard my story. I can promise you, it will be a long, long, journey and it will be expensive. It will cost time, it will cost money, and it will cost peace of mind.

But that is your prerogative. Again, I can’t make your decisions for you. I can’t reach out and make your hands click on your mouse. I can only respect the decision you’ve made

And Then There’s
A 3rd Path

That that is to NOT make a decision right now.

Instead, just download it, try it for 60 days, and THEN decide if you want your money back.

Even if you ask and get every penny back, everything you download today is yours to keep. They’re yours no matter what.

This is more than fair.

You’ll gettotal and full access to everything. And you can see if it’s for you. And you have two entire months to do it. And you still get to keep it if you get your money back.

Sure some of the people who take advantage of this are just trying to cheat me. That’s unfortunate. But most take this incredible risk-free offer are good people and just want to make love the way you used to. I believe you’re one of those good people. I trust you.

Rose from WA, sent me an email and said she secretly wished there was a way to help her husband. He was proud and wouldn’t want to talk about it. And it was hurting her. Not just because of her own desires. But because she felt she couldn’t help her husband.

“Brad, thank you for what you’ve done. My husband is one of those men who won’t talk about his problems. We tried many times to have sex and it just wouldn’t work because of his ED. “That was years ago. I resigned myself to believing we would never have sex again. Not because there were no solutions. But because my husband is not one to ask for help. But with your manuals, I was able to help him without him even knowing about it. The foods, the recipes, the advice, it all worked. And he didn’t even know I was doing anything. Seeing the change in him is a relief. I had no idea how much this was affecting the both of us until it was fixed. Now we are closer again.

Greg from Fairfax, VA was surprised that there were so many other benefits he wasn’t expecting...

“Hi Brad and Angie, I was hoping this was only going to help me with my ED. I was skeptical but it worked. I’ve been able to get hard like I used to. But I had no idea there were so many other benefits.  My blood pressure is down, I sleep better, I have more mental focus, I just feel relaxed... it’s like I feel younger in general. Thank you so much for making this available. And for answering all my questions...

And let’s not forget Jeremy in San Luis Obispo, CA. Here’s what he had to say.

“I’m pissed. If I had found your manual earlier, I would have saved THOUSDANDS of dollars. What you teach is so simple. And I don’t ever have to worry about those side-effects. The blue pill and all the variations of it used to give me headaches and sometimes made it hard for me to see at night. And those herbs... what a waste of time. Oh, and my girlfriend wants me to thank you for your bonuses. She said, you told me all the things she WANTED to tell me when we were having sex. Thank you so much Brad.”

You Have A Chance...

You have a chance at all of this right now. There’s no reason anymore to wait. There’s no point allowing all the fears, disappointments, and failures of the past make decisions for us. You can let them all go and stay where they belong – in the past. When you click the button below that says, “Get My Sex Life Back.”

After you click that button, and then fill out the quick form.

You will see, right on the other side, a page waiting for you, ready to download it to your computer, your iPhone, your tablet, or ANY device you want, and ready to take you where you and I know you want to go.

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Here's what to do: Click the button right there that says "Get My Sex Life Back". It’s right below this video.

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If you're not happy with this all you need to do is send a one sentence email asking for a refund to the address you get inside the manual, and I will immediately refund your entire purchase. Zero questions asked. Promise.

In other words, I'm going to take all the risk here. You have nothing to lose.

“Hard On Demand”, and the 3 bonuses that you get with it are life-changing. Those who have used even a small part of it are closer to their partners than ever.

Their relationships have improved, their levels of happiness, fulfillment, CONFIDENCE, pride, and RESPECT are higher than ever before.

You see, there are a few things I’m expecting to hear from you. Stories like Dan, who’s ED started getting worse over time...

Like Dan, who’s ED started getting worse over time and wrote in...

“I thought I’d suffer in silence for ever. It is degrading. You’ve given me back my pride.”

If you decide to order now before anything happens to this site, or any increase in the prices, you’d be doing yourself a favor to order it now.

It’s Those Who Act Now That Win...

If you're ready to get started, you really do need to take action because we don’t know if this price will allow us to keep it available for you.

If you come back to this website and a week from now and you find this video has been taken down, I'm sorry to say there simply won't be anything I can do for you.

Although, why would anyone even wait? After all, if you remember, you have absolutely no risk.

Your results are guaranteed and you can totally reverse your E.D. You'll be experiencing bigger, thicker erections than you've ever had and your sex drive will explode through the roof.

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It’s Not Just About You...

You see, it’s not just about the personal transformation that happens to you AFTER you click the button below, fill in your information, download and use the simple, easy techniques I reveal.

It’s about your lover – the woman you love and want to please and the impact it makes on her.

To not fix this problem... to not keep trying new ideas... to not take a chance is you saying she is not worth it. It’s saying that she should not live with the joy of being able to have deep, full, lasting, and passionate sex with you... to be ravaged by you. It’s saying that sex is not just an important part of your relationship.

All of that is wrong. And I know you don’t feel that way. Because it IS an important part of your relationship. Make NO mistake about that. It’s one of the ways you experience connection, closeness, and intimacy.

Let me tell you something: Angie, and what many wives, lovers, and girlfriends who’ve transformed their sex life with my humble books, have said to me is the same thing time-and-time again. They keep saying...

“The woman you love is who craves deeply satisfying, real, natural, passionate sex with you. And the more time passes, she is the one who craves it more. A woman’s sex drive is like a fine wine, it’s her sex drive and enjoyment of sex, who increases with age.”

So, there’s no other way to say this, but when you take action right now, it’s not just about you, it’s about the woman who you love. It’s about being a man. For who? For HER!

You have a chance right now.

Once you put your cursor over that button and click it, I’ll need to know where to send you the link to download Hard On Demand, and the 3 bonuses right away, so you can download it, use it and transform from it, in about 2 minutes from now.

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After you’ve downloaded “Hard On Demand” and all the bonuses, you can use them on your computer, laptop, iPhone, tablet... you name it.

Now for me personally... I am sick and tired of, you know... likepaying money for products that don’t work.

And I’m never sure, as some of you who are thinking, “is it even going to work for my situation and for me?”

Yet isn’t the only way to answer this to see for yourself? There are the testimonials I shared earlier, and more to come shortly. But you are the one to decide.

No matter what you have 60 days to decide to keep it or decide to get your money back. You just have to send a simple easy to write email and ask for a refund and it’s done.

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Never Again Will You Worry...

Never again will you worry like before about not being able to perform or satisfy a partner. That’s in the past. If you've ever struggled to get it up, well, those days are behind you.

The other great thing about this is that after you use this info, things in that department will start to IMPROVE as time goes on! You’ll defy the odds and leave doctors scratching their heads. Not to mention all the other men who don’t know about this, or who didn’t take action.

Your sudden boost in confidence will show in your posture, your walk, your talk... after you get this and follow the simple steps I lay out, you’ll naturally and easily get yourself the type of attention from women that every man wants, yet so few get.

So do us both a favor. Try it. You have nothing to lose. I’ve done the hard work. I’ve jumped through the hoops. I’ve done the trial and error. You don’t have to. All you have to do is try it and see that it works. Click the button, place your order, download the books. It’ll take under 2 minutes.

You Are The Gatekeeper...

Look, if you're suffering with any problems with your erection nothing is going to change unless you make it happen. Right now, you are the gate-keeper to the future you desire.

Now, because I’m going to have to get going soon, you are going to need to choose soon. You can just leave this page and live your life the way it is right now. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re still here, it’s because you want a change. You want things to be better.

Are You Going To Keep
Wishing And Hoping?

Or keep spending your hard earned money on drugs and medications that you already know will not work? And that have so many hidden and awful and even deadly side effects?

You see, this is what I’ve seen with myself and with the man men I’ve helped... things are either going to get better or they’re going to get worse.  That’s the fork in the road that will always be there. Whether you take action or whether you chose not to take action is what will determine which side of the road you end up on.

That’s just the way it is. And I know you already know that. And I know you’re already experiencing that. What was a small problem once has gotten worse as time went on.

When Is It Enough?

What will you need to experience to decide it’s time to take action and turn it around forever.

The bottom line here is you owe it to yourself to at least give this a try.

For the sake of your own self-respect... for your pride... and for your dignity.

And not to mention for your special woman!

Try The Hard On Demand
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Before you know it, you can be getting the fullest, strongest erections of your life whenever you want and without any drugs, weird Eastern herbs, or sketchy low-T treatments.

Don't you at least deserve a chance to reverse the ROOT CAUSE of your ED instead of just using costly, painful, or complicated Band-Aids?

Let me remind you. I'm not making a penny for this. You will choose if you want to pay after you've completed the system.

You'll either be happy and excited to pay for it or you won't pay for it at all. The question really isn't a question.

The question is how much would you pay if you knew it could solve your E.D. forever? I'm sure it's a lot more than $59.95. It's probably in the millions.

Why are we still here talking?

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If you are still here, then you probably have some questionsyou need answered before you place your order.  That's totally understandable.  Especially since it’s such a revelation that they canreverse their ED symptoms on their own with such ease.  And without risking any nasty side-effects.  So let’s go through some of these questions here.

1. What makes “Hard On Demand” different?

It’s all about the TWO erections killers.

     Remember, Erection Killer #1 is: NOT ENOUGH BLOOD GETTING INTO YOUR PENIS.

     Erection Killer #1 is about a chemical called Nitric Oxide, that relaxes your blood vessels and allows blood to go into your penis.

     This is what makes you hard. If you have Erection Killer #1 you’re not producing this chemical. And that’s why the vessels are not relaxing. And that’s why blood CANNOT go inside.

     And Erection Killer #2 is all about blood LEAVING.

     If blood DOES get in our penis, a chemical FORCES THE BLOOD TO LEAVE.

     Every other solution out there only focuses on only ONE of those.

     That’s why men who try all those other solutions, are doomed to frustration, and failure.

     If we’re 100% honest, ending that frustration and reclaiming your dignity and self-respect has no price.

     And I'm offering you as way to get it all back without risk. All you need to do is try it out.

     If you haven’t done so already, click the button below right now and see what you’ve been missing.

     All the answers you need are going to be found in your purchased copy of Hard On Demand and all the bonuses I’ve given you to keep no matter whether you ask for your payment back or not.

2. Isn’t it just a matter of age?

That’s what too many people believe. That as a man gets older ED is just one of the things that happens. And his sex drive goes down too. NOT TRUE. There are men well into their 70’s who have not lost their ability to have strong, hard, lasting erections as often as they want.

     The true cause of ED, as I keep saying, are the two Erection Killers. As long as blood is pumping in your veins, you can have an erection. Blood will travel where the body tells it to. You just have to reverse the two Erection Killers and you’ll see that age is NOT a cause of ED. That is just a myth.

     It may take a bit longer for you to use what I teach and restore your ability to have an erection regularly. You’ll get it. And you’ll be able to have it regular just like in the past. But it might take a bit more time to get to that point.

     What really matters is that there is a way to reverse it that is natural.

     The sooner you download Hard On Demand, and start using it, the sooner you’ll get to that point where ED was just a distant memory.
3. I keep hearing that ED is caused by low testosterone. You don’t seem to focus on that. Is it not true?

Excessively low-t can have an effect on a man’s erections. But what people are finding is that most men with ED actually have adequate testosterone.

     If they increased their testosterone levels, they would experience a lot of changes in their body, emotions, and mind, but it would not necessarily change their ability to have an erection.

     Yes, it is true that men today, have t-levels that are lower than in the past, and shortly, I’ll show you how to change this.

     But this is not the cause of your ED.

     No matter how much Testosterone you have, if your blood vessels are not relaxing... And if blood is leaving as fast as it's going into your penis, then you’ll still have the same problems as before.

4. What if I’m taking medication? I was told by my doctor that one of the side-effects was ED.

A lot of medications can have an effect on a man’s ability to have an erection. And it can also affect his sex drive. Anti-depressants are a prime example of this. But not for everyone. I’ve found that Hard On Demand still works.

It may take longer to get to the point where you are regularly getting hard on demand, but it absolutely works. So the sooner you start the sooner you will get there.

5. What if I have diabetes?

That’s one of the best parts of Hard On Demand. It focuses on what makes blood rush into your penis and stay there while you are aroused.

     Part of what I cover in Hard On Demand has a lot to do with the health of your circulation in general, and also helps with blood sugar levels.

     Here’s what Eddie from Seattle had to say...

“I’ve been diabetic for many years now. One of the worst parts about it was my ED. I was so skeptical about Hard On Demand working for someone like me. But it did. I’m assumed it would take longer for me than others because of my diabetes. But to me, it worked pretty fast. I’m talking regular “on demand” erections. If it worked this fast for me, I can’t imagine how fast it worked for other guys.”

6. Is it true that ED has to do with how much sex I’ve had or how much masturbation I’ve done?

This is one of the biggest myths out there: That too much sex or masturbation in the past causes ED later in life. Or that if you’re not having enough sex now, it causes ED. This is not true in any way, shape or form.

     There is no connection whatsoever. In fact, if you have not had a lot of sex recently, it actually helps Hard On Demand work even better because you tend to be more sensitive.

     So you can take those ideas and throw them in the trash right now. They are NOT true at all.

7. What if I have arterial problems like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, lack of exercise, etc. will it still work?

     Yes. If fact, one of the things Hard On Demand does is to improve the health of ALL your blood vessels. It allows them to become more flexible and less rigid.

     Now, if you cleaned up your diet a bit and got regular exercise, it will make Hard On Demand work even faster. So you should do what you can to improve your diet, your health in general, and do even the easiest exercises you can, like going for brisk walks. It all comes around.

8. What if I’m getting this to help my husband. He’s not going to do this himself. Will this be easy for me to get him to do it?

That’s one of the best things about purchasing Hard On Demand.

     After you order it and look inside it, you’ll see there are a LOTof different solutions I give you in your purchase.

     A lot of them are foods you can “sneak” into his daily routine and he wouldn’t be the wiser.

     He’ll just be feeling more calm, more focused, more relaxed, his sex drive will noticeably increase, and if he finds out you were behind it all...

     ...he’ll be thanking you for taking action for him.

     And for giving him back one of the most important parts of his life!

9. Is it true my penis shrinks if I never get an erection?

Basically, yes.

     It does.

     WebMD states...

“You need to have erections regularly to keep your penis in shape . . . . Without regular erections, penile tissue can become less elastic and shrink, making the penis 1-2 centimeters shorter.”

     And Tobias Kohler, MD, assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine says...

“It has to be essentially exercised, To maintain a healthy tone, the smooth muscle of the penis must be periodically enriched with oxygen by the rush of blood that engorges the penis and makes it erect

“If they don't do anything to maintain normal erections, they will get shortening of the penis”

     That’s why when you decide to order Hard On Demand now... it's a smart move.

     The sooner you act, the sooner you prevent this shrinkage.

10. “Can Hard On Demand make my penis bigger?”

People say it is a myth that you cannot increase the size of your penis.

     This is not a myth.

     It is true that you can increase the length AND the thickness of your penis... 

     ...but NOT like the way the scam-ey ads say they will. The fact is, NO pill can increase your penis size.

     That is false advertising.

     It takes a bit of time and consistency, but you can change your penis size permanently.

     But for obvious reasons you need an erection first. That is like a prerequisite.

     That’s why taking action and buying Hard On Demand is what is needed before learning how to increase the size of your penis.

     It’s also why I am giving you that no-risk guarantee.

     So after you solve that problem, I’ll show you how to dramatically increase your penis size naturally and permanently.

     After you make your purchase to try Hard On Demand out, you’ll see what I’ve got for you.

11. Does it take long to see results?

The real question to ask is, “How long will you go without having an erection (and therefore without having sex) if you don’t change anything?”

     We both know the answer to that question.

     ANYTHING is better than not taking action.

     But to answer your question more specifically:

     As I’m sure you can imagine, after they order Hard On Demand, people get results in all sorts of time frames.

     Some can see results in as little as
24 to 48 hours after you order and implement what’s inside Hard On Demand.

     Some will take longer to consistently get strong, powerful, lasting erections.

     But what truly matters is you are doing something about it, and as long as you are using what I reveal... will get consistent, long, hard, full, erections that last as long as you need and as often as you need.

12. I heard doctors say that ED is just a sign of future health problems. Is that true?

Yes it is.

     Remember Erection Killer #1?

     The inability for your blood vessels to relax?

     This shows up as E.D. first because the penis is more delicate and sensitive to the health of your blood vessels.

     What that means is that the health of your blood vessels are affecting your erections...’s just a matter of time before the health of your vessels affects other parts of your body.

     Like your heart.

     Your brain.

     So reversing your ED isn’t just about being able to have sex like you used to again.

     It’s about taking care of your long-term health as well.

     Believe it or not, ordering and using what I teach in Hard On Demand is one of the best things you can do for your heart health as well.

13. What if I’ve had cancer treatment or surgery in the past?

This is a great question. Surgery and/or cancer treatment, especially if it is in the area of your groin, like prostate cancer or prostate surgery, can be traumatic to the body.

     So Hard On Demand is all about restoring the full natural health and sensitivity to that area AND your whole body.

     Folks who’ve had ED problems after cancer treatment or a surgery are delighted and over the moon not just because they are able to have stiff, hard, full erections again...

     ... but because they also feel healthier overall. You just have to download it, try it (remember, it’s risk free), and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve been missing all this time.

     This is what we received from a man who had a prostatectomy. Or surgery of the prostate because he had prostate cancer. Every doctor will tell you the chances of having ED after this surgery is VERY high.

     And he was no exception. Sure enough, after the surgery, he had at best, minor, weak erections. He thought that was it.

     But after taking a chance and trying out my methods, this is what he wrote in...

“I went to my doctor for a checkup. And I told him I got my erections back. Like totally normal and the way it used to be. He now wants to get your book and recommend it to all his patients"

14. Is it easy to follow? And is it easy to read? I hate those books that just drone on with all this history and theory.

As I told you before.

     I’m no health goo-roo. I’ll leave that for the talking heads on the boob tube.

     No, I’m the same guy as you who just wanted an answer.

     As you can see from this site, I do just the bare minimum to get this in your hands.

     I don’t use big words or drone on mainly because I hate writing.

     No, after you order, download and start to read what I wrote for you...’ll see that I just tell you what I know like as if you were right here in front of me.

15. Is it easy to follow? And is it easy to read? I hate those books that just drone on with all this history and theory.

As I told you before.

     I’m no health goo-roo. I’ll leave that for the talking heads on the boob tube.

     No, I’m the same guy as you who just wanted an answer.

     As you can see from this site, I do just the bare minimum to get this in your hands.

     I don’t use big words or drone on mainly because I hate writing.

     No, after you order, download and start to read what I wrote for you...’ll see that I just tell you what I know like as if you were right here in front of me.

16. I’m concerned about my privacy. How private will this purchase be?

     I totally understand.

     One of the things that was so stressful and upsetting about my personal search for answers, was how humiliating it was to have to tell strangers about it.

     And that’s what’s so great about you being able to download this in the privacy of your own home.

     Everything you’ll need to is private and no one will know what this is all about.

     Because of this website, before you order Hard On Demand and get the download, while you order it, and after you order it, no one will know but you.

17. “I’m in my early 20’s there must be something extra wrong with me that is more than your two erection killers.

 This is a common misconception as well.

     Erectile dysfunction affects young men too.

     There are many ways those two Erection Killers can show up and it doesn’t matter what age you are.

     What matters is that the answer is here and ready for you to do download now.

     What matters is you can take action and do something about it now.

     What matters is that you are an action taker and not someone who just wishes and hopes and ends up living the proverbial “life of quiet desperation”.

18. Are you really going to give me my money back if this doesn’t work?


     Plain and simple, if you order right now, you have 60 full days to try everything out and decide if it was worth the purchase.

     If you’re not getting your erections back like they used to be... If you’re not able to last as long as you need to... If you’re not as hard as a rock and staying hard as a rock...

     ...within 60 days after you click the button below and order... then email me and let me know.

     You’ll get EVERY cent refunded back to you.

     Because this is all electronic, there are no shipping charges to mess with.

     No stocking fees like other stores.

     You will not have any risk at all.

Well, it looks like there are no other questions.

After you order, you’ll have my email so you can ask me any question you have if one comes up.

The only thing left for you to do now is to just click the button below.

Fill out the info on the next page...

...and you’ll get to a page where you can download Hard On Demand right away.

It’ll take no time.

There’s no reason to wait.

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I’ll see you on the other side.

No thanks, Brad. I’m fine with figuring out ED on my own… even if most solutions out there might cause me more harm than good. I appreciate the offer, but I’ll pass on the only proven guide that fixes my ED problem through safe, natural, pain-free techniques.

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